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Explanation on how to search the Internet effectively.

Website evaluation

There are many fake websites that can be used to help students become critical about the information they are finding. Below are a few examples:

Avoiding fake websites - This is a well set out site with examples of each point made.
Fake websites - This site contains a list of fake websites along with the age rating for which the sites are suitable.
Fake website evaluation - more student friendly page purpose built for a class to explore a few fake websites with guiding questions.
California’s Velcro Crop Under Challenge http://home.inreach.com/kumbach/velcro.html
Feline Reactions to Bearded Men http://www.improb.com/airchives/classical/cat/cat.html
Mankato MN Homepage http://city-mankato.us
Dihydrogen Monoxide http://www.dhmo.org/
Clones-R-Us http://www.d-b.net/dti/
First Male Pregnancy http://www.malepregnancy.com/
National Motor Vehicle License Bureau http://www.license.shorturl.com/

Following are resources to help in teaching website evaluation:

The ABCs of website evaluation
Evaluation criteria
Evaluating websites - criteria and tools
Criteria for website evaluation
Lessons and resources for evaluating website content - a comprehensive list of websites on this topic.