Creating video in the classroom 101

North Otago Teaching and Learning conference | 11am to 12.30pm and 1.15 to 2.45pm | Monday 27th September
Ulearn 10 pre-conference | 10am to 4:30pm | Tuesday 5th October | Venue: Christ's College ICT 1

All of the information and links shared in these presentations can be accessed in the Digital storytelling booklet.

These are the step by step notes for taking students through the opening sequence of Shrek

Telling a story with photography could be used as an introductory unit to help students identify the elements of an effective image.

Gawker is a software that you can download for your Mac. It takes a still image using your computer's camera at the duration that you set, for example every 3 seconds. When you click finish all the images are combined into a quicktime movie file and provides you with a timelapse movie.

Sites about digital storytelling: